Dockity Videography:


First-ever live performance of "Manhattan" by Dallas Doctor -- morphed into a fan-vid by Bo Bradly.  Very Cool.

We're All in This Together 

The making of "We're All in This Together" recorded August 18, 2010 at Bates Motel Studios in Atlanta, GA.  Fun Stuff.

Where in the World

"Where in the World" (from the album: "Manhattan" - 2010) by Dallas Doctor.  Featuring Ginger and Mongo as the Key West Puppy Dogs ... and Susan Hamilton as The Girl in the World.  As time goes on, Dallas loves this video more and more ...

Unlucky in Love  (click here)

Delphine Fawundu-Buford (Thank You Very Much!) recorded this unedited, one-shot video (no-overdubs-or-autotune) LIVE at The Bitter End in New York City on Sunday, April 18th, 2010.  Jon Mark Lundell plays bass and sings harmony ...

What if I'm Not Good Enough?

Working in the studio on "What If I'm Not Good Enough" from "Manhattan - The Musical" with Dallas Doctor and Frenchie Davis.

Better Days Ahead

Dallas explains:  "I started writing this for 10-yr-old, Nicky Sorbelli several months ago, but just couldn't get it good enough, no matter how I tried. ... Then I learned that my friend from high school (and church from back in the day), Mikal Gilmore is also currently going through weeks and weeks of chemotherapy. That motivated me to finish this song.  So here's to Nicky Sorbelli of Key West, Florida and to Mikal Gilmore of Woodland Hills, California. Hang on my brothers ..."

Blue Moon

This is what my crazy family does when we get together!  This is normal - right?

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